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A Few Tips For Maintaining Your Private Well

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If you've moved to a new home in the country that has a well rather than city water, you'll want to learn how to maintain your well properly to keep your water supply safe. One thing that's important to do is to keep all of your documents safe, such as the inspection and construction reports, so you'll know when it's time to have periodic testing and cleaning. Here are some other tips for maintaining your well:

Have Annual Water Testing

You should have the water tested for bacteria at least once each year. This can be done at the same time you have a contractor service the well, or you can have the water tested yourself. Be sure to use a certified lab for testing rather than a home kit so the results are accurate. You should also have periodic testing for water quality. You may want to do these tests every two or three years or when there is new construction near your property or a change in local farming or manufacturing procedures that could affect your water. This water test will give you a reading for the pH as well as the amount of dissolved solids and contaminants in the water.

Hire A Contractor For An Annual Inspection

An experienced contractor should inspect your well annually and give you a copy of the report for your records. Since the quality of your water is important, you don't want to inspect the well yourself. However, you should always keep an eye on your well and call for repairs if you notice it is damaged in any way. The contractor checks your well for signs of damage and wear and tear. Your well will eventually wear down and need to be closed off and replaced. When it gets old, it may need to have parts serviced to keep the well working properly. In addition, the well may need to be cleaned periodically when the inspector finds that it is coated with bacteria from a high iron content in the water. Cleaning could be a simple as scrubbing the well or it could require a hydro jet to blast off the filmy coating.

Keep Chemicals And Heavy Items Away From The Well

During the year, one of the most important things you can do for your well is to keep the area around it clear. Take care when mowing around the well that you don't clip it. Don't stack heavy items on top of the well, and keep snow shoveled away from it so it doesn't crack. Also, don't put up a new animal barn or use fertilizer or other chemicals near the well without checking with your contractor first because you don't want bacteria and chemicals to seep into the ground and contaminate your water.

In addition to annual well service, you should call your contractor when your water becomes cloudy or develops an unusual odor or taste. A well can become contaminated for a variety of reasons and the pollution may come from a farm or factory that's not even on your property. You should always be alert to changes in your water quality and have the water tested of if you have any concerns.

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