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Four Common Employers For Those With Political Science Degrees

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Having a deep understanding of the country's government and political process can be a very practical tool. However, there are individuals that may not pursue a degree in political science as a result of fears about the availability of jobs for those holding these degrees. There are many different types of institutions that will hire individuals that have obtained both undergraduate and advanced degrees in this field.

Polling Firms

Polls can be an indispensable tool during the election season. In addition to being used by politicians and campaigns, these polls will also be utilized by the media to help interpret public opinion and predict results. While those that are conducting and designing these polls will have extensive math backgrounds, it is also important for these firms to work with political scientists to ensure that they understand the nuance of the topics that they are polling along with the significance of political divisions in the polling sample.

Political Parties And Politicians

When individuals have a passion for politics, they will often feel a strong calling to participate in the political process to advance their views. For those that are interested in this aspect of the field, there are many political parties and politicians that will hire staffers with strong backgrounds in political science.

Lobbying Groups

While lobbying firms and professionals have a bad reputation in modern culture, they are essential to the political process. To effectively represent the views of their clients, these firms will need to understand the current legislation that is being proposed. Individuals with training in political science can help these firms to ascertain the impact of these rules so that a position and strategy can be formulated. In addition to allowing individuals to work on a wide range of interesting topics, these careers will also be among the better-paying positions, but they will require individuals to have extensive experience as this work can be extremely advanced.

Enterprises With Large Government Contracts

The government is one of the largest consumers in the market place, and there are many businesses that find securing large government contracts essential to their survival. For these firms, it is important to have the pulse of the current political environment as well as a thorough understanding of the laws and proposals that are currently being discussed. Not surprisingly, this often leads these firms to have staff members dedicated to coordinating their lobbying efforts while also monitoring for potential threats to the enterprise. 

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